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I am the darkness
Born out of light
I am the force the fire
That burns here tonight
Bringing the future
to all mankind
Guider of life – of death
The sight for the blind

Your future lies within my eyes
What I Predict will terrify
I can't control what comes to be
From the past to the present to eternity

I am Nostradamus
Do you believe
I am Nostradamus
That I Concieve

Master of chaos
Anger and rage
I hold the key
My presence will unlock the cage
I am your witness
The one who can tell
Bearing the Sword – the shield
To your heaven from hell

As I unfold the mystery
I change the course of history
With premonitions from the void
Will you life, will you die
Will your worlds collide

I am Nostradamus
The hand of fate
I am Nostradamus
With love and hate

Lost in this vortex
The mystery begins
Will you be victim
Saved from your sins
Time is illusion
Trapped in the skies
Destinys calling
Hear from my eyes

(Many years ago a boy was born
A boy with the gift
A gift that would be the envy of all mankind
To see what no other could – great visions
of the future
Or would a curse be bestowed on the boy
The boy whose name was Nostradamus.
Damus, Damus, Damus, Damus, Damus)

I am Nostradamus
Do not forsake
I am Nostradamus
Your life's at stake

I am Nostradamus
The lightning rod
I am Nostradamus
The voice of god

Celestial comets
Reign towards earth
Alchemy's tempest
Predicting your worth
Pray for deliverance
Escape if you can
For I have borne witness
To the purging of man



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