В России в феврале 2009 г. с большим успехом прошел всемирный тур нового уникального проекта Over The Rainbow, в составе которого выступали участники легендарных рок - групп Rainbow, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath и Dio. Вместо легендарного гитариста - виртуоза Rainbow Ричи Блэкмора, выступал его сын - Jurgen Richard Blackmore. Cостав Rainbow выглядит следующим образом: Joe Lynn Turner - вокал; Jurgen Richard Blackmore - гитара; Bobby Rondinelli - ударные; Greg Smith - бас-гитара; Tony Carey - клавишные.
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The Pain Of

You're deaf to it, blind to it. It's like a thunder clap.
Feel the prickles running up and down your back.
Why so divine?
The pain of love
You have to work at it, stay with it, pay for it
bust your ass
lie for it cheat for it, forget about your past
why so divine?
The pain of love
You dream of it passionate
you even get a rise from it
feel the hot cum
dripping on your thigh from it
why so divine?
The pain of love
Sometimes you crave for it
cry for it, women will die for it
looking back, cut the crap
was it really worth the rap
it's hard to survive the pain of love
ain't that right
Yeah I need a time out
time to make my mind up
substitute a line out
I'll be back next season with a bang
No release from the jail
no parole no bail
hard labour, fifty lashes, hard labour , money crashes
it's hard to survive the pain of love
well alright...
The old maid is roughing up
applying the final touches
though she's late for the dance
I'll tell you tonight she's really gonna have a ball
she's gonna really tie me up
she's gonna really tie me up
Don't hurt me...




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