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aka Sending Out An Invitation
aka You Don't Tell Me
(with Bobby Womack)
Baby, yeah
Lovin', lovin'
Oh, I'm sending out invitations
I'm gonna have me a big celebration, ...bration
I'm givin' up everything, awooo
Everything I thought was mine
'Cause if our love is getting stronger
Why drag this thing out much longer
'Cause I'll be ahead
Oh if I could get ahead
And now I'm behind, awooo
You got a way of filling me up
Oh, just to watch me fall down
I'm tired of wastin' my life
The best thing, my life, wastin' my life around
You don't tell me, who to give my body to, oh no
And you, you don't tell me, how to make to love to you, whoowooo
And you don't tell me...
Oh how to make you feel good
I'll make you feel good all over to your body
Baby, deep and you know it, oh, awooo
Hold on, Yeah...
And you don't tell me baby
How to sing my song, ...ong
And listen to this now...
And you don't have to tell me baby
Oh baby sometimes, you just might sing your song wrong
Oh I'm like a fish, whoo
Put me on the line
But you gotta way, of reeling me in
But you won't, won't spend the time
Oh yeah
I'd write a song, about something real funny
If I thought everyone would laugh, ha
I got a song, he's got a song, a whole lotta money
Sing the song, sing the song, right here, right here
If I though it would bring me some cash, I can feel it, awhoo
I got a song about the trip I went on
Even though I never take an airplane baby
Oh you keep me feeling funny
If you could keep on, keep on working it out
Yeah you fill me up, ahwoo
Yeah, let me down
I don't feel bad about it...
Oh how I enjoy, joy, joy, feelin' around
Ohh, owwwoo baby yeah
You don't have to tell me baby, what kind of car to drive, ha...
You know sometimes I... I just want to tell you baby
I don't know sometimes if our love is dead or alive
But I said I ...eehhh
You don't have to tell me...yeah
You, don't...
I put a gun on the, the way I feel
If I thought, my heart, would run
Oh I think I stick around
Oh I like the way you do me
Sing it, sing it, sing it, havin' fun, sing it, sing it
Ohhhwooo, sing it, sing it, sing it
Yeah, yeah
You, you, you, you
You don't tell me, but you always do
Oh, don't try to tell me
Who to give my, give my, love to
To give my love to, give my love to
Give my love to, give my love to
You know sometimes it brings about the situation, can I
As long as I can do things and not to go away, can I
Oh a in year ...I send an invitation
Loving, loving, relation




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